Giving 125% – Getting to the Peak!

100% just won’t cut it. Peak Sports focuses on the areas of Sponsorship, Marketing, Ticket Sales and Staffing and sees synergy. Synergy = Better Results!

Sponsorship - 95% of Focus

Each collegiate location will have an onsite General Manager and Account Executive that will concentrate on sales and raising revenue.

Marketing - 10% of Focus

The primary focus might be sponsorship sales but expanding the footprint of your department through some creative marketing ventures is important.
Peak Sports focuses on these four items:
Sponsorship Activation
  • Market Presence (Billboards, Commercials, Print, etc.)
  • In-Game Experience
Creative Sponsorships
  • Beyond Signage
  • Crowd prompts, in-game promos, etc.
Schedule Card and Poster Distribution
  • Cover the area and Region
  • Peak Sports will hire at least two staff members during season ramp up times
Media Presence
Peak Sports will build a TV Network or Radio Network for you.

Televise Two Live Football Games in your area (preferably road games)


Season Long Football Radio Network in Four Additional Markets

Ticket Sales - 10% of Focus

Each collegiate property will have a minimum of two onsite ticket sales associates that will primarily focus on group sales and mini plan sales. Not only will your ticket sales revenue increase but your in-game atmosphere will get a shot in the arm!

Staffing - 10% of Focus

Peak Sports hires and trains some of the best people in the collegiate sports industry. Peak Sports provides maximum synergy through at least five onsite team members at each collegiate property. Peak Sports is more than a sponsorship company… Peak Sports is a synergistic work force!